In the news 2011

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New Zealand

Low hand-hygiene rate putting patients at risk
New Zealand Herald - 08 August 2011
NZ Herald reports 40 per cent of hospital workers fail to perform hand hygiene as often as they should.


Simple interventions save lives
The Hospitalist - 09 December 2011
Simple interventions, including hand hygiene, can reduce healthcare associated infections and the costs associated with them, while improving patient outcomes.

Two out of three medical students don't know when to wash their hands
Infection Control Today - 02 December 2011

According to a new study, only 21% of medical students can correctly identify the indications for performing hand hygiene.

An electronic eye on hand washing
The New York Times - 24 November 2011
A new way of video recording and providing an electronic display of hand washing statistics is being used by North Shore University Hospital in New York

Editorial: Washing hands to save lives
Times Colonist (Can) - 11 November 2011
Editorial piece that questions how hospitals can get doctors and nurses to practice good hand hygiene. Discusses whether getting tough by publishing compliance figures, or by removing doctor "benefits" and taking disciplinary action may be the only way to make a real difference.

Hand washing still the most effective in keeping Australia's hospitals' infection rates low
International Business Times - 11 November 2011
Hospitals in Australia now have lower superbug infection rates due to a national hand hygiene programme that encourages healthcare workers to wash their hands before and after patient contact.

Cardboard cut-outs to help cut infections
Your Local (UK) - 11 November 2011
A UK hospitals is using life-size cardboard cut-outs of hospital bosses as a way to encourage patients and visitors to ask healthcare workers whether they have washed their hands.

Clean hands stopping hospital superbugs
Herald Sun (Aus) - 10 November 2011
Hospitals in Australia are winning the war on superbugs thanks to a national hand hygiene programme that gets doctors and nurses to wash their hands more often.

Latex gloves may discourage hand hygiene - 06 November 2011
New study finds that healthcare workers who wear gloves are less likely to clean their hands before and after patient contact.

Handy award for hospital
Gold Coast Mail (Aus) - 06 November 2011
John Flynn Provate Hospital receives accolade for quality care and patient outcomes, with particular recognition going to their hand hygiene programme.

That's handy! Hospital door handle squirts sanitiser when pulled
Daily Mail (UK) - 04 November 2011
Inventor creates revolutionary germ-killing door handle for hospitals.

St Charles campaign message: Wash your hands - 31 October 2011
St. Charles Health in Oregon, USA, has launched a hand hygiene campaign encouraging patients to speak up and remind their caregivers to wash or sanitize their hands.

Infrared hygiene monitor could help reduce hospital infections
The Engineer (UK) - 27 October 2011
A new system for monitoring hand hygiene behaviour in hospitals aims to reduce the rate of infections.

How to get doctors to give a hand
Greater Good: University of California - 26 October 2011
New study suggests that appealing to altruism increases hand washing in hospitals

Keeping our patients safe
The Morrisburg Leader - 26 October 2011
The importance of infection control practices to keep patients safe.

Hospital privacy curtains laden with germs
Reuters - 23 September 2011

Researchers in Chicago claim hospital privacy curtains are often contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.