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New Zealand

Dunedin doctors clean up their act

Otago Daily Times – 02 December 2012
The number of Dunedin Hospital doctors washing their hands leapt by 20% in the latest "hand hygiene audit", reports the ODT.

Clean hands for patient, not doc
New Zealand Doctor online - 24 July 2012
Many health professionals misunderstand hand hygiene, thinking its primary purpose is to protect themselves rather than patients. The persistence of this mistaken belief is noted by Hand Hygiene New Zealand with the release of new data from DHBs. This brief article includes publication of the HHNZ compliance report 01 April - 07 July 2012). Please note login access to the NZ Doctor website is required to view this article.

Hand washing stops hospital infections
Radio New Zealand - 11 May 2012
Auckland health authorities say they've reduced the rate of hospital-acquired infections in patients by improving hand hygiene. (3′13″)


2012 year in review: Hand hygiene
Infection Control Today – 31 December 2012
In case you have missed a headline or two, Infection Control Today presents some of the most popular content from 2012 in the category of hand hygiene.

Not all doctors want hand washing reminders
Reuters Health - 04 September 2012
Many doctors and nurses don't like the idea of patients reminding them to clean their hands, a new study from Switzerland suggests.

Virtual nurse joins fight against infection
ITV News (UK) - 03 September 2012
Bedford Hospital has a new recruit in the war on infection: Jane the holographic nurse.

Michael Jordan lends a hand to lower infection rates
Infection Control Today - 01 September 2012
Michael Jordan’s big hands, which led the North Carolina Tar Heels and Chicago Bulls to basketball championships, now are helping Novant Health remind employees that properly washed hands prevent the spread of infection.

Doctors, nurses, falling short on hand hygiene, report says
Vancouver Sun - 31 August 2012
Nearly one third of hospital workers in British Columbia are not washing their hands regularly, despite strong evidence that it is one of the primary ways to prevent the spread of infection in hospitals.

Hygienic? No, your doctor's rubber gloves could infect you with a superbug
Daily Mail (UK) - 21 August 2012
Like most patients, you probably think the sight of a medic wearing latex gloves is a good thing. We so often hear horror stories of hospital-acquired bugs such as MRSA or C.difficile that gloves have become a welcome indicator of cleanliness, a sterile barrier that will protect you from germs. But this is a delusion.

Med students fear critiquing superiors' hand hygiene
Endonurse - 24 July 2012
In the August 2012 issue of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, researchers released the findings of a cross-sectional study that assessed the willingness of medical students to speak up about subpar hand hygiene practices among their colleagues and supervising physicians.

Smarter, cleaner approach needed to fight superbugs
The Age (Melbourne) - 14 July 2012
Opinion piece from Professor Lindsay Grayson, director of infectious diseases and microbiology with Austin Health, University of Melbourne, and Director of Hand Hygiene Australia. In this article Professor Grayson discusses how, each year in Australia, an increasing number of patients die due to infections which are untreatable with all currently available antibiotics. Highlights the importance of hand hygiene in reducing such infections.

A helping hand

Galway Independent (Ireland) - 14 March 2012

The HSE has set a target of achieving over 90 per cent hand hygiene compliance by healthcare workers by 2013 and a new report from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) shows that compliance has improved across Galway University Hospitals (GUH) and Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe.

Clariton’s hand scanner tackles hospital-induced infections
Science Business - 12 March 2012
The winner of the Science|Business Academic Enterprise (ACES) award for entrepreneurs under age 30 – presented at the Royal Academy of Science in Brussels in February – deploys ultra violet reflective powder and a scanner to determine just how clean are a pair of washed hands.

Audit hands down hygiene concerns
ABC News (Aus) - 12 March 2012
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says a lower level of hand hygiene in south-west Western Australian hospitals could be attributed to older doctors who are creatures of habit.

Doctors worst for washing hands
Irish - 09 March 2012
Doctors are the least likely hospital staff members to wash their hands, according to a new Health Service Executive report on hand hygiene compliance.

Public hospitals told poor hand hygiene rates won't wash
The Sydney Morning Herald - 07 March 2012
Nearly 20 per cent of public hospitals in Australia have failed to meet the national benchmark for hand hygiene standards according to data released for the first time yesterday.

Hospitals failing to scrub up
The Daily Telegraph (Aus) - 07 March 2012
Staff in almost 20 per cent of Australia's public hospitals are not washing their hands enough, with six NSW hospitals rating in the bottom 20.

Multimodal infection prevention program boosts hand hygiene compliance
Infection Control Today - 17 January 2012
A multi-modal hand hygiene program in the U.S. that included a multimedia communications campaign, education, and leadership engagement, saw hand hygiene compliance increase two-fold.

Doctors bottom of the list for health hygiene
Adelaide Now - 16 January 2012
In Australia, doctors are less likely to wash their hands than other healthcare workers.