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New Zealand

Out, damned spot! Out I say!
October 2014 - Nursing Review
Margareth Broodkorn takes a look at the chequered history of hand washing and asks whether today's health professionals have progressed that much?

Health board scrubs up well
20 June 2014 - Wanganui Chronicle
Wanganui is sparkling in the hand hygiene department if receiving the Hand Hygiene Quality Improvement Award 2014 is anything to go by.

Celebrating hand hygiene excellence
19 June 2014 – NZ Doctor online
Whanganui and Capital & Coast DHBs came up trumps at Hand Hygiene New Zealand’s (HHNZ) Quality Improvement Workshop on 12 and 13 June, each walking away with an award to recognise outstanding hand hygiene improvement efforts.

Celebrating hand hygiene excellence
19 June 2014 –
Whanganui and Capital and Coast District Health Board (DHBs) came up trumps at Hand Hygiene New Zealand’s (HHNZ) Quality Improvement Workshop on 12 and 13 June.

Celebrating hand hygiene excellence
19 June 2014 –
Whanganui and Capital & Coast DHBs came up trumps at Hand Hygiene New Zealand’s (HHNZ) Quality Improvement Workshop on 12 and 13 June, each walking away with an award to recognise outstanding hand hygiene improvement efforts.

Hands up for hygiene
11 June 2014 –
A national workshop is being held in Wellington over the next two days (12 and 13 June) focusing on best practice and the latest information about hand hygiene in hospitals for staff representing the country’s District Health Boards and private hospitals.

Raising the bar on hygiene
09 May 2014 –
The Bay of Plenty District Health Board's drive for continuous improvement in patient care has seen it hit a new high in hand hygiene compliance.

Gloves hinder, not help, good hand hygiene
05 May 2014 – Nursing Review
Putting on gloves makes nurses and other healthcare workers more likely to fail to wash their hands when caring for patients, the latest national statistics show.

Hand hygiene Q&A with Dr Joshua Freeman
05 May 2014 – New Zealand Doctor
To mark World Hand Hygiene Day, New Zealand Doctor puts a couple of questions to Dr Joshua Freeman, clinical lead of the Hand Hygiene New Zealand programme. Please note this is subscriber only content.

Good hand hygiene can save lives - SDHB
05 May 2014 – Southern Times
Washing your hands properly not only supports good health and reduces the spread of infection, it can ultimately save lives, the Southern District Health Board says.

Clean hands combat drug resistant germs
02 May 2014 – New Zealand Doctor
Resistance to antibiotics is rapidly increasing worldwide and good hand hygiene practice by healthcare workers plays a vital role in reducing its spread.

Hand hygiene in hospitals has never been better «
02 May 2014 – ⋅ Live News
Data released today shows hand hygiene at DHBs across the country is the best it has ever been, says Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew.

Stethoscopes more dirty than hands - study
Taranaki Daily News – 04 March 2014
Not just cold, but dirty: Stethoscopes carry more bugs than doctors' hands, a new study shows. Features commentary from Dr Joshua Freeman, clinical lead of Hand Hygiene New Zealand.

How safe is your hospital?
New Zealand Herald – 24 January 2014
Figures on quality of care are now being broken down by area. Health reporter Martin Johnston examines the results.


Hand hygiene film cleans up at APIC
June 2014 - Infectious Disease Special Edition
A film on hand hygiene--a topic of concern at many healthcare facilities--garnered top prize during the fourth annual Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) film festival, held during the professional society's 41st annual meeting in Anaheim, Calif. earlier this month.

Clean your hands day: changing the culture about the spread of disease
05 May 2014 –
The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Save Lives: Clean Your Hands Day on May 5, 2014 is a global campaign to bring awareness to the dangerous and sometimes deadly consequences of the spread of diseases. This year’s focus is on antimicrobial resistant (AMR) bacteria, commonly known as “superbugs”.

Patients to indulge in handy reminder about hygiene
05 May 2014 – The Advocate (Australia)
A TASTY hand-shaped biscuit is on the menu for morning tea today for patients at the North West Regional Hospital and the Mersey Community Hospital.

Hand hygiene message flows through health district
05 May 2014 – Bega District News
ALONG with covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing, simply cleaning your hands does the most to reduce human rates of sickness and infection.

Washing your hands can help save lives
04 May 2014 – Huffington Post Canada
As we grow from child to adult, we are taught a number of basic skills, some of which we take for granted. From tying our shoelaces to knowing how to eat with a knife and fork, these very simple tasks are used every day without much thought. However, one action, hand hygiene, learned in our youth has an incredible ability to keep us healthy, but also to ensure an even safer world.

Good hand hygiene by health workers protects patients from drug resistant infections
03 May 2014 –
On Hand Hygiene Day (5 May), WHO urges health workers to practice good hand hygiene when caring for patients, to protect them from contracting infections in health facilities. Initial results from a new WHO global survey confirm that these infections are often resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them.

Doctors fail to wash hands before treating patients, study finds
Sydney Morning Herald – 28 April 2014
Doctors in Australia's biggest hospitals are routinely failing to wash their hands before touching patients, new figures show.

NICE highlights how hand washing can save lives
Nursing Times – 28 April 2014
“Doctors and nurses should do more to stop hospital patients developing infections, an NHS watchdog says,” BBC News reports.

Hand hygiene is central to tackling antibiotic resistance
Nursing Times – 25 April 2014
The World Health Organization’s drive to address the threat of global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has intensified in recent years. There is now a sense of urgency to address what has been described by Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer for England, as an “alarming and irreversible” crisis on the same level as global warming.

When Doctors Know Patients Are Watching, Are They More Likely To Wash Their Hands?
Huffington Post – 31 March 2014
Doctors are more motivated to wash their hands if they know their patients are keeping tabs on their hygiene habits, according to a new study.

Despite progress, ongoing efforts needed to combat infections impacting hospital patients
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention media release – 26 March 2014
National and state data detail threat of healthcare-associated infections and opportunities for further improvements.

Healthcare officials trained in improving hand hygiene in Poland
World Health Organization media release – 27 January 2014
A one-day introduction to hand hygiene improvement based on the WHO Five Moments Approach took place in the WHO Country Office, Poland on 14 January 2014. Read the media release from the WHO here.