Paul Smith

Charge Nurse Manger, Blood and Cancer Centre
Capital and Coast DHB

Paul is a strong advocate for patient safety and has fully embraced the hand hygiene programme at Capital and Coast District Health Board.

“He leads by example, setting himself high personal standards and is an excellent role model for hand hygiene,” says James Robertson, Hand Hygiene Coordinator, Capital and Coast DHB.

“He expects his staff to follow his example and is very proactive in integrating the 5 Moments for hand hygiene into his unit’s core educational programme, so they are part of business as usual on a daily basis.

“He makes sure that all staff are aware of the importance of complying with this level of hand hygiene performance,” he adds.

Paul’s team is particularly proactive in analysing and responding to the audit reports and the department has had a number of very impressive audit results well above 80 per cent.

Good hand hygiene practice has become the social norm in the Blood and Cancer Centre thanks to Paul’s efforts.